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Lights, Camera, Action
Touches of Color now has a dedicated site for High School Senior / Portrait photography - Farman Photography. Located here under Lights, Camera, Action you will see many of the photos taken by Farman Photography of High School Seniors and Portrait photos. These photos of beautiful and talented models show the types of photography that is done at Farman Photography.

Like to have photos taken but feel you just don't have what it takes to look like a Model in your photos? Farman Photography will make your Photo Shoot fun and exciting. You will look and feel like the Model you always wanted to be in your photos. So if you are interested and/or ready to be that Model, please contact me at Farman Photography or Touches Of Color Photography.

At Farman Photography and Touches Of Color Photography, you can be assured you will get the personal attention while still getting the quality photos you want and expect. I am here to help you for all your photographic needs.
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Random Photos from Lights, Camera, Action

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Random Photos from Lights, Camera, Action

Anna at the Gardens
Arizona Kerry
Ashley in Color & BW
Bleu at the Gardens
Brandie in WV
California Rayn - Another Year
Christiana by the Capital
College Roommates
Daisy Downtown
Downtown Littleton with Jordan
Downtown Shoot with Nicole
Downtown Shoot with Victoria
Downtown with Madeline
Erica at Atheba Farms
Evening Shoot with Daisy
Fall Time with Lindsey
Finishing Touch of Winthrop for Daisy
Friends in Black & White
Halle at her Finest...
Hannah Sparkling at Grandview
In the Studio with Daisy
JoDonna Posing at Grandview
Jody Downtown
Joy Downtown
Kayla - Around the Grist Mill
Kayla at Athena Farms
Kayla at Grandview
Kayla in the Fall
Kayla of WV
Kayla Rae
Kayla Sparkling at Athena Farms
Laura Downtown
Lauren in the Studio
Liberty Making a Beautiful Day Shine
Lindsey Glowing in West Virginia
Lindsey of WV
Lyndsey Glistening in the Sun
Madeline at Heritage
Madeline Shinning in Old Town
Megan at Glencairn
Megan at Winthrop
Megan Modeling in the Studio
Michelle - Posing Outdoors
Nicole - Glowing in the Studio
Nicole with the Magical Eyes
Portraits of Taylor
Prom Night
Shale Around the Ranch
Shannon Beautiful Bridal at Daniel Stowe
Shannon Downtown
Sisters in the Cold and Wind
Sisters Samantha and Kristi
Springtime with Taylor
Studio Shoot with MacKenzie
Sydney at Belmar
Sydney Enjoying a Snowy Day
Sydney on a Spring Day
Taylor - Cool in the Summer
Taylor at Grandview
Taylor at Posing
Taylor at the Park
Taylor Beautifully Posing in the Fall
Taylor Blooming in May
Taylor in Glamorous Portraits
Taylor in the Summertime
Taylor with her Radiant Eyes
Victoria - End of Summer
Victoria - in Studio
Victoria a Glamorous Shoot


Random Photos from Lights, Camera, Action