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The Touches of Color Photography photos located in the Photo Gallery are sold in the standard sizes. Photos are sold non-matted and without frames allowing you to get the matt and frame for your photo that complements your surroundings. Touches Of Color recommends having the photos printed with a Glossy finish but the choice is yours when you place your order.

Touches Of Color photos are also available in Canvas at a reasonable price. Please contact Touches Of Color for available sizes and pricing of Canvas Prints.

For High School Seniors and Portrait photography pricing, please visit Farman Photography dedicated to High School Seniors and Portait photography.

Photos For Sale
Print Size/Type Price
5" x 7" $30
8" x 10" $40
8" x 12" $40
11" x 14" $60
12" x 18" $60
12" x 24" $75
12" x 36" $85
16" x 20" $100
16" x 24" $100
20" x 30" $120